Your Accounting Exam "Cornerman"

So often in the shadows when the boxer succeeds and is more likely to be front and center when the boxer fails.

The cornerman must have detachment from their boxer, but at the same time an unwavering devotion to that boxer’s well-being.

They must be a psychologist, able to assist the fighter through the emotional minefield that is the preparation for combat.

A Strategist, a General, able to see what it’s going to take to secure victory and offering the kind of tactical advice that can be put into practice in the crucible of battle.

In this conversation with fellow Accounting Exam "Cornerman" Yvonne Starkey, a fellow Chartered Accountant/ Lecturer/ Coach from South Africa we chatted about our businesses and our Accounting Student clients

- Why we like working with Accounting Students
- What do we say to students who worry that we will judge them
- Would we employ people who failed their exams
- Was I the "perfect" student
- Do students take on coaching only after they have failed

and much more.......


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