"Strength In The Numbers" Interview: Succeed In Your Accounting Exams & Finance Career

Discussion taken from my interview with the fantastic Andrew Codd from his Strength In The Numbers Podcast...

If you want to realise your potential in Accounting & Finance follow Andrew at https://sitnshow.com & Andrew Codd

"Our guest mentor today has a number of amazing stories to share as well as of some of those he's helped. James Perry is a Chartered Accountant and owner of AccountingExamCoach.com where he offers his clients around the world a unique and fresh perspective to succeed in their exams and reach their potential in their careers.

Key Points From the Episode:

  • Where his passion for exam coaching came from and the story behind why’s he’s so passionate about helping others through the process.
  • The first question he asks his exam coaching clients that we should all know the answer to if we want to have fun, rewarding and successful careers.
  • A number of practical tips to improve your finance & accounting exam and career success.

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